Update – online sessions – Coronavirus

Due to Coronavirus we have had to suspend our face to face sessions . We have moved all our work on line and re invented how Youthsayers works . We are running three bands for different age groups. Younger Youthsayers , Youthsayers and Youthsayers Advanced .  We were really worried that the ‘lockdown’ was going upset pour continuity and while working online is definitely lacking in some ways , ie the group playing aspect , we have worked out new ways of working that have been really good and will probably influence how we run Youthsayers in the future . We 100 percent intend to get back to live group work face to face ASAP but we think the current pandemic situation has been a valuable learning opportunity . Look out for recordings coming soon of some of the work were have been doing . If you want too join an online session,  for more details or how , please email us at youthsayers@gmail.com – new members are welcome to watch or take part in a session