Building foundations of a love of music

Who we are

We are a South London based music performance and education group set up in 2016 to engage young people in exciting and challenging ensemble work.

Our aim is to develop group playing skills, leadership, confidence as well as cultural appreciation and understanding. Youthsayers provides free of charge equal access, opportunities and a developmental path for all young people with an interest in learning about music performance and ensemble playing.

Our goal

We aim to support the young people we work as they grow as people and help them maintain a positive outlook to tackle the challenges that life presents.

Youthsayers provides opportunities for work experience that develop employability skills in young people. Youthsayers is run by musicians from established recording and performance group, Soothsayers.

How we do this

We run weekly sessions for our two groups – the sessions comprise of learning new music, learning how to improvise, playing in a group, performance skills and many other facets of musicianship and teamwork.

The composition of the two groups is based around age and experience. Our rehearsal sessions are aimed at developing young people as musicians as well as aiming towards performances. We perform regularly at venues and festivals.

As well as this we run workshops in schools and with other organisations with the aim of engaging more young people and sharing our methods with other music leaders.

Our mission

Youthsayers mission is to provide access to free music making opportunities for young people from the ages of 8 to 18 and beyond, with particular emphasis on underprivileged or economically disadvantaged young people who may not be able to afford music tuition at school or privately.

We will continue to run two weekly rehearsal groups and provide opportunities for high quality live performances with the intention of bringing the music to a wider audience and continuing to develop a strong culture involving friends, families and the wider community, performing music that is culturally, historically and socially relevant to the diverse communities of South London.

We provide support, development and work experience opportunities for young people reaching the age of 18 and beyond who need assistance in finding a route to careers in the music business. We provide workshop contributor and leadership roles for young people to learn our methods of teaching, arranging, organising events etc.

We help young people, through music activities, group work and regular rehearsal sessions to develop their confidence and self belief in order that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society

We collaborate with a wide range of organisations around the UK to provide music making opportunities for young people. 

Are you aged between 11 to 18 and would like to play a musical instrument and play great music