Younger Youthsayers Concert – online

In March 2021 our group of young musicians who meet on Mondays performed the pieces they had been practising in an online concert . It was really good to have a performance to prepare for and also a great opportunity to share the work we have been doing with families and friends. We are really looking forward to getting back to live playing again soon and actually performing the new work as a group,

Youthsayers – Pakistan

In Nov and December 2020 : We were so happy to be able to continue working with young people when the Covid 19 situation devastated our existing plans. We were able to run a composition project with young musicians from Youthsayers and the peers in Pakistan. With the help of resident Pakistani musician and activist Arieb Azhar we gathered together a group of young people and used the online Soundtrap programme to make new music . You can see and hear the result below . We are proud of the young people who contributed to making the music and video for the song Dharti Meri

A Change Is Gonna Come – New Video

Watch the video here :

We are proud of this new video made under Covid 19 lockdown rules. The young people recorded their own audio and video parts at home and the track was then produced by Soothsayers . The final result is beyond our expectations and is a testament to the way our young musicians embraced the spirit of the song and the message in the lyrics. Sam Cooke originally wtote the song in 1962 and its message is still relevant today and resonates with the Black Lives Matter Movement that has been prominent worldwide,

Update – online sessions – Coronavirus

Due to Coronavirus we have had to suspend our face to face sessions . We have moved all our work on line and re invented how Youthsayers works . We are running three bands for different age groups. Younger Youthsayers , Youthsayers and Youthsayers Advanced .  We were really worried that the ‘lockdown’ was going upset pour continuity and while working online is definitely lacking in some ways , ie the group playing aspect , we have worked out new ways of working that have been really good and will probably influence how we run Youthsayers in the future . We 100 percent intend to get back to live group work face to face ASAP but we think the current pandemic situation has been a valuable learning opportunity . Look out for recordings coming soon of some of the work were have been doing . If you want too join an online session,  for more details or how , please email us at – new members are welcome to watch or take part in a session

Funding From UK Youth

We are pleased to be able to continue working with young musicians and really appreciate funding from UK Youth who have helped us set up our third group with our most senior members who are creating new music and developing their playing skills . Its inspiring and a privilege to work with such positive and talented young people.

Future Talent Charity and Youthsayers Workshop and Concert

In November 2019 we ran a workshop with a combined group of young musicians from the excellent Future Talent Charity and Youthsayers . Future Talent assist talented young musicians from all over the UK by providing excellent learning and performing opportunities. The charity aims to help young people who show musical talent whose financial situation is a potential barrier to their development. It was great for young musicians from Youthsayers to work with Future Talent and share there musical experience with other young people. We performed a concert at St Georges Church , Hanover Sq to showcase the work. Thanks to Holly Harman for setting the project up and logistical support.