Youthsayers Candace De Meroe

Youthsayers Pakistan 2020 – Dharti Meri

Youthsayers 2020 – Change Is Gonna Come

Youthsayers 2020 – Racist Friend feat. special guest Rhoda Dakar

Younger Youthsayers 2020 – Water Melon Man

Youthsayers at Music for Youth Proms Royal Albert Hall Nov 2019

Youthsayers Outernational Orchestra Cologne ( Freedom Sounds Festival April 2018)

Youthsayers Off the Cuff 29 04 17

Youthsayers at Sonica Studios , Raw Material and London Jazz Festival

Youthsayers 2017 RFH Soothsayers – Youthsayers mentored by Soothsayers, performing at the Royal Festival Hall

Youthsayers @ Lambeth Country Show 17/07/2016 Pt 7 (Tribute to Rico Rodriguez)